Project Management Plan

Once the history and project goals are understood the PACE team would proceed with an analysis of the project from the perspective of the actual means and methods required for building the facility. This would include the following processes to contain costs and investigate any new or innovative systems or products:

PACE will provide schedule, cost and quality analysis for various options in order to secure the most competitive price while preserving value at its highest level.

Analyze virtually all aspects of the project including safety, quality and construction efficiency.

Value Engineering
Analyze all potential options for increasing the value of the project including comparing alternatives as it relates to cost, life cycle, schedule and design intent. PACE will continue to provide value engineering services throughout all construction phases identifying materials and methods that will allow the project to meet the desired schedule.

Subcontractor Management
During the construction process, PACE Pacific will monitor and coordinate the subcontractor activity and ensure that the project is completed in accordance with project regulations, the objectives of reducing cost, adhering to the schedule and preserving value and design intent.

Budget Management
We have the depth of experience and in-house reporting systems to enable us to provide meaningful cost information when there is the potential for saving money, while preserving value is at its highest level.

Warranty Work by Subcontractors
Prior to turn over we will also develop a communication process for notification and follow-up on warranty requests that may be required in the future, which includes procedures for notifications of emergency issues on a 24/7 basis. All items will be logged and tracked to assure prompt attention and follow through.

Safety Plan
PACE Pacific safety plan prepares and provides our employees and subcontractors with the necessary information for reducing and eliminating potential safety hazards while on the job site. It is PACE Pacific’s routine practice to implement the written safety plan and require written acknowledgement from all employees and subcontractors before proceeding to the job site. This includes job site inspections, safety training and discipline.