Project Methods and Techniques

Each approach and process involves high communication between project team members, the Owner and PACE for successful project completion. PACE will approach critical construction elements with the following:

Teamwork, communication and being pro-active are the three elements in the PACE approach to team relationships. The entire project team will resolve issues as “our issues,” as well as, listening, understanding and responding to the concerns and requirements of all team members.

PACE will develop the construction sequence, logic and key durations to include in the project schedule. Scheduling software utilized to produce includes Primavera SureTrak and/or P3.

Shop Drawing & Submittals:

PACE Pacific will organize and document all submittal and shop drawings. Because the submittal of shop drawings is critical to the project schedule we intend to save critical schedule time by correcting errors or items needing clarification in the shop drawing and submittal stage, PACE will perform a thorough submittal and shop drawing review prior to forwarding to the A&E Firm. Our people and software will manage all materials procurements, submittals and approvals. Project management software to monitor and report on shop drawings, submittals and other items includes ProLog by Primavera.

Quality Control:
Process for “punching” a project begins during the earliest construction phase by managing the trades for quality and adherence to plans and specifications as they initially install their work. In this way, the work is reviewed and brought to the acceptance standards while the field forces are in the process of putting work in place. This management philosophy at all levels of the project team enables us to substantially eliminate a “long” punch list. Deficiencies and discrepancies to the contract documents are remedied before serious impact to the project schedule can occur.

Project Closeout:

As the project nears completion our project management team will be available for meetings to develop the process for transition of the project from construction to occupation and use.

AT PACE communication is key to a seamless project completion. To cover every aspect of communication the following steps are taken to ensure complete communication flow between PACE project team and all involved.

We expect to be involved and available to attend and participate in whatever capacity necessary.

E-mail/Cell Phone:
All of PACE management, project management, field superintendents have state-of-the-art communication devices to receive e-mails 24\7.

PACE will provide meeting minutes, Power Point presentations and monthly status reports as needed.

Web Site Access:
Collaboration for project teams in real time through the use of the Prolog web site helps eliminate typical communications problems and allows project team members to share design drawings, job site photos, project schedules, meeting minutes and more than 400 reports all through the use of an internet browser.