Our firm provides a wide range of planning services. We specialize in comprehensive planning at all levels – neighborhood, municipal, multi-municipal and county – in both rural and urban communities. Our staff is committed to working collaboratively with each client to develop a workable plan that meets their needs. We understand the complex interrelationships of demographics, housing, economics, and land use. Our planning process is specifically designed to be flexible yet thorough. We rely heavily on community involvement activities and our staff is constantly devising new ways to engage residents and key stakeholders in the planning process.

In addition to comprehensive planning, the Community Planning Group also has the resources to complete a variety of specialized plans and studies, such as community master plans, land use/transportation studies, build-out analyses, urban design, and solid waste plans. We are also able to assist clients with the development or update key ordinances, such as zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances.


PACE Pacific values the many relationships established and look forward to building upon those relationships through our experience, hands-on approach, ownership involvement and operating philosophy, PACE, People Accountable for Construction Excellence.
Our commitment to our values and objectives of building strong communities reflects our interest and capabilities of making your project a success through the following:


We understand that the selection of the right contracting team for your project is a critical step in meeting your goals and ensuring success. PACE Pacific brings over 80 years of construction experience collectively to provide: Pre-Construction, Design-Build, CM at Risk, General Contracting, Architectural Decorative Concrete and Concrete Services.